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Welcome To
~Angel's Second Weekly Contest!~

Each Sunday I will be having a Drawing,
To give away a Sprite!
If you win, you can choose either a Water Sprite, or a Sea Sprite.
Everyone has the same chance, anyone can win!

Sprites are little Water Faeries.
They have beautiful sparkling scales,
Mermaid tails, and little Dragonfly wings.
They are as much at home in the air as in the water!

~Meet The Sprites~

This is "Sea Sprite"

This is "Water Sprite"

Do NOT remove these sprites.
They are for contest winners only!
They are NOT avaliable for downloading or adoption.

Winners will be notified by Email.
Anyone caught with a Sprite without a Birth Certificate is a Sprite Napper
And is NOT a friend of the Faerie Keepers!
Let's be honest and have fun, okey?

Winners will be notified every Sunday

Complete application form below, or email The Faerie Keepers
with your answers to the following questions:

What is your first name?

*EXACT*Email address where I can notify you if you win.

What is the exact address of your Homepage?
You MUST have a page to win a Sprite :)

Which Sprite will you choose if you win?

Will you link back to this site so that others can visit here?

Do you have any questions or comments?

Do not remove the Sprites from this page!
They are owned by ~Angel~ ęcopyright~Angel~ 1997-1999.
And are *NOT* avaliable for downloading.

Please email me at: