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~Come In And Meet Our Little Family~

This is Prince Joncor and his wife Princess Angelita
They are very happy and very much in love.
You can certainly see that love reflected in their faces!
They have six beautiful children now, and they hope for many more.

Here is our daughter Dominique.
She is with our twins Adora and Alex.
The twins are very timid and they really depend alot on their sister.
They whisper to her, and then she lets everyone know what they want!

This is our sweet little Stephanie.
She is our little dreamer, can you tell?
She is always off in a world of her own.
Stephanie is the most gentle and kind of all of our children.

Last but not least are Hyacinth, Zara and little Jon Jon.
Hyacinth is a true little lady. She is very feminine and dainty.
Our Zara is like a second mother to Jon Jon.
He is the baby of the family, and Zara watches his every move to protect him.

Meet My Beautiful Pixie!
She's from The Enchanted Hollow,
And her name is Lisabetta!

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This is my gorgeous Elf Oriana!
Isn't she absolutely beautiful?!

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